Top 8 Internet Security Tips for Small Businesses

When running a business, many invest in website security and try to limit liabilities while online. Unfortunately, this does not always translate into the real world as some do not truly secure their workstations, file servers and other devices people use to access the Internet and files. Without a doubt, this is only going to get

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Why Customers Prefer Mobile Apps Over Mobile Websites

One of the biggest considerations if you are planning on setting up a mobile app to complement your mobile website is your users. Statistics have shown that customers prefer mobile apps over mobile websites. Some of the reasons are the following. Using the features of smartphones, everything is almost automatic with mobile apps – especially

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The Importance of Good UX Design

User experience (UX) is the buzzword for most companies with any sort of online presence or making an app for a variety of user these days. UX design is not the same as graphic or visual design that as many of we think, though the two often work hand-in-hand. UX designers are not focused so

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5 Disciplines of UX design that every UX Designer must follow

User research: Design researchers build continuous knowledge, discovery, and empathy. They craft actionable insights through empirical observation and experience. Tools of the trade include contextual inquiries, co-design, customer journey maps, and quantitative research. Interaction design: Through the interpretation of research and requirements, these designers craft experiences that connect people with our products and services in

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User Experience is An Integral Part of App Design

Each time that we download a new app on our Phone, we expect it to make our life simpler, solve our problems efficiently and make it easier for us to get through our day. Ninety percent of the time we’re disappointed, for the simple reason that many developers ignore the fundamentals of user-experience design. Simply

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What exactly is a UX designer?

A UX designer is someone who follows the user-centred design process when designing products. They are the team members who are looking at the bigger picture and advocating for the end users’ needs. UX designers do not think of design and technological capabilities as two separate entities, but rather, marry the two for a better

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